Features & Benefits

features-secondsMagnetic, installs in seconds:

Almost everyone can agree that time is our most precious commodity. The days of drilling and screwing on time consuming decorative garage door hardware is a thing of the past. Other than a measuring instrument, there are absolutely no tools required to install this hardware. Drilling holes into the surface of a door may void your manufactures warranty.


features-neodymiumNeodymium Magnets:

Neodymium magnets are considered to be the strongest magnets on earth. Our magnets are 10 times stronger than ceramic magnets of the same size. The magnets will hold their magnetic properties longer than most magnets, holding 99% of their strength over 10 years. We cap our magnets in rubber to prevent any surface damage, and to improve the holding strength of the hardware.


Feature-PlasticABS Polymer Plastics:

Our Engineers chose ABS plastic because it is lightweight, durable and a great plastic for outdoor applications. We use a UV additive to protect the plastic against the Sun’s powerful rays. The Automotive industry is using ABS plastics in many of its exterior products. Unlike stamped steel hardware, ABS plastic will not rust, chip or have paint bleeding issues.


features-safetySafety and Liability:

Magnetic handles will not allow children to hang on or climb on a garage door. Screwing traditional decorative handles and hardware onto the surface of a garage door can be extremely dangerous.  Garage door dealers, homeowners and manufactures can be exposed to liability issues by applying traditional screw on hardware.


Adhesive-DiscsAdhesive Discs:

When mounting our hardware on different types of surfaces like vinyl overlay, fiberglass or aluminum doors.  We offer a 1” two-sided adhesive disc for this type of application. The adhesive discs are also very useful when you have an install with either an arched opening or mitered corners. These adhesives are extremely powerful and used extensively in the Aerospace and Automotive industries.

NO Drilling Needed

  • Easy installation
  • Avoid costly drilling errors

Non Corrosive

  • NO flaking
  • Rust Resistant

NO Staining

  • NO Paint Bleed
  • Resistance to Discoloration